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ICT Lessons Never Have To Be Dull Again…

Having come across a very provoking article about the condition of ICT education in the UK today, it is incredible to see that schools and education bodies are still limiting the number of software packages they teach to pupils instead of widening their knowledge and inspiring more advanced computer skills. It is vital to realise […]

Prezi in the Classroom

We have noticed a growing awareness of the benefits of Prezi in education, both for deliverng lessons and lectures and as a means for students to present their course work. Prezi helps educators think more freely about how to convey information effectively and how to use multimedia to engage with students. Here’s why:   The […]

Prezi Pro Group Licenses for your Business…

      If you’ve been looking to buy multiple Prezi Pro licenses for your business here’s something you may not know…         Prezi are now offering group license deals. Which means that  one person at your organization can be designated as the Group-Admin for the account. Then if you have multiple […]