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Learn from Official Experts and Master Prezi in 1 day with a tailored on-site group session

Ideal for departments, groups and teams, our on-site full day Prezi training course is a practical, hands-on, and interactive session where you gain comprehensive knowledge of how to create and deliver engaging and memorable presentations with Prezi. We tailor each training session for you to create a curriculum fully bespoke to your business or departmental needs. With each session there is a strong focus on relevant case studies and best practices.

As London and the UK’s leading members of the official “Prezi Experts Program” all of our training sessions are officially recognised by Prezi, and are guaranteed as the highest quality training available in the product.

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  • Course Outcomes & Learning Objectives
  • Session requirements and ongoing support
  • Testimonials
  • Pricing and how to book

Typical Session Agenda:

• What is Prezi?
• How can Prezi help me?
• Technical training – Prezi basics

Learning outcomes: Delegates will understand all the possible use cases for adopting Prezi in their own work processes. Delegates will be able to create a basic Prezi presentation.

15 mins coffee break


  • Advanced Technical training on Prezi

Learning outcomes: Delegates will be able to create a basic Prezi presentation that utilizes all of Prezi’s functions. Delegates will be able to understand and perform sharing, downloading, and managing of a Prezi for both face to face and stand alone presentation experiences.

1-2 pm: Lunch

Prezi design session – Hands-on learning with open discussion & Q&A

Learning outcomes: Delegates will understand the key concepts of Prezi presentation design. Delegates will be able to identify and replicate techniques that make a good Prezi presentation. Delegates will be able to identify and avoid techniques that make a bad prezi.


  • Open session and Q&A based on delegates needs. (e.g. We can cover using Prezi on iPad or Android / Remote live presenting with Prezi meeting / Licensing, offline working and using Prezi securely / Repeat learning and more.)

Core Course Outcomes:

  • Total confidence to design, create and present a memorable presentation using Prezi
  • Complete technical understanding of the Prezi tool for inserting text, images, video, sound, animation, 3D backgrounds, PDF’s, PowerPoint slides and more into your presentation
  • Hands-on experience creating memorable overview layouts for your content within Prezi
  • How to customise the look & feel of your Prezi presentation to suit your own branding and style
  • Understand and recreate powerful transitions within Prezi: how to avoid “seasickness” when zooming, and how to create movements with meaning that reinforce your visual message
  • Comprehensive understanding of Prezi design best practices and effective visual communication techniques commonly used in business presentation scenarios (with all case studies tailored specifically for you to get the most out of your own sales pitches / training courses / project updates / conference talks etc.)
  • Understanding of the design process and best workflow for creating and presenting with Prezi to go from a blank page to a completed presentation quickly
  • How to move from linear slide-by-slide presenting to non-linear delivery of content within Prezi that enables elegant Q&A sessions and creates audience-interactive moments within your presentation
  • Clear understanding of how to store your prezi privately, share your prezi securely, and download your Prezi to present on any machine with zero technical issues and without the need for an internet connection
  • Using Prezi as an immersive stand alone experience to embed your presentation on a company website or blog
  • Ability to deliver cohesive team presentations with Prezi: using the real time-collaboration function to work with colleagues quickly and remotely when creating or presenting internal or client-facing presentations

Dependent on your needs, further areas covered in the full-day course can include:

Prezi Technical Training:

  • Choosing the best Prezi license option for you and your team
  • Prezi group account management
  • Custom branded company templates and fonts
  • Customising Prezi using CSS
  • Working with swf vector images for best quality
  • Inserting Excel files into Prezi
  • Prezi on mobile devices, including the app for iPad
  • Where to find great royalty free images, video, and sound for use in your Prezi
  • Using Prezi for mindmapping and other creative thinking techniques

Presentation Skills Training:

  • Persuading, surprising, and delighting the audience with visual tricks in Prezi
  • Establishing credibility and rapport through open canvas intros
  • ‘Borrow’ from cinematic techniques to tell your own story
  • Creating captivating endings with a strong call to action
  • Providing the right content without overloading the audience
  • Simplifying difficult topics through zooming
  • Livening-up dry or technical presentations with metaphor
  • Delivering cohesive team presentations

What equipment and software do I need to run an on-site course?

  • All you need is a suitable space in your office for your team to sit comfortably and for each delegate to have access to a laptop or computer (PC or Mac) that can connect to the internet. That’s it!
  • You don’t have to buy or sign up for the Prezi software beforehand, or have any prior knowledge of the software. You can sign up for Prezi for free on the day.
  • A mouse for each computer is optional, but handy to have available.

What are the resources and ongoing support provided to course attendees?

All delegates will receive electronic notes covering every learning objective covered during the course. You’ll also receive a 30 min video tutorial guide, a continuously updated Prezi manual, keyboard shortcuts document, design best practice tips & tricks guide, and links to further reading if you are interested in taking your visual communication skills even further beyond your Prezi Training course. In addition, delegates can call or email their Expert trainer at any time for any ad-hoc advice or support. We genuinely love to see and give feedback on the prezis that our delegates make after our sessions!

Royal College Logo

Dr Linda Irvine – Head of Membership and Communications, Royal college of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

“We loved Chris’s style of training; interactive, well paced and fun!. Extremely knowledgeable about Prezi made it all very simple. Great session, we will definitely be putting our learning into practice and will be happy to recommend both Chris and Prezi!”


Lawrie Day, Partner, AML Consulting (Global) Ltd

“The whole training day was of immense benefit to our company. Our Consultants all agreed the day was well structured and delivered in a very professional and comprehensive way. We will be using Prezi immediately. Excellent value for money.”

Our on-site sessions are priced based on the number of delegates requiring training. Note we generally recommend a maximum of 12 participants per session to ensure proper time with the trainer, but do offer discounts for multi-session bookings.

To enquire and to book a full day on-site group Prezi training session, complete the form below.

We’ll get back to you right away to discuss your needs, tailor your session, and to offer you a free no obligation quote for you and your team.

If you prefer you can give us a call on +44 (0)207 097 1421.

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