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Prezi is an unnecessary expense?

We are well aware that many companies find the idea of paying for Prezi training, and a Prezi subsequent license, an unnecessary expense. ‘We all use PowerPoint; PPT is familiar, friendly for clients and no extra training is necessary’. But if we all thought like that, where would we be?

Prezi isn’t designed to be an inconvenience. It is an intuitive piece of software that, like any other new application or device or technology that serves its purpose well, you will come to love.

With our Prezi Training, we offer half-day and full-day workshops at very reasonable rates (flexible depending on the numbers in attendence). We also actively participate in the online Prezi community and offer support for those who may get stuck. Drop us an tweet, a Facebook message or an email after our course and we’ll be more than happy to assist. We live in a world now where we share and join in. Don’t be left out.

People, especially those in large organisations, never like change, yet always seem to talk about how change is needed. Prezi gives you the opportunity to change at least one vital part of your business; the part where you convey ideas, facts and figures to clients! You’re paying for more than just software training – you’re investing in a new culture of communication.

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