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ICT Lessons Never Have To Be Dull Again…

Having come across a very provoking article about the condition of ICT education in the UK today, it is incredible to see that schools and education bodies are still limiting the number of software packages they teach to pupils instead of widening their knowledge and inspiring more advanced computer skills.

It is vital to realise that almost all young people can now be referred to as ‘digital natives’; most already know the ins and outs of facebook and twitter, but require a better understanding of other tools and applications that often work on the same premise.

Educationally speaking, Prezi is crossing these boundaries by offering a number of vital transferable online skills that traditional taught packages such as PowerPoint and Word are not offering. Prezi draws content from across the web, it utilises skills in image and video embedding, the concept of working ‘in the cloud’, web navigational skills, while also developing the philosophies of sharing content, ideas and learning outcomes.

ICT lessons are dull and uninspiring at the best of times. A lesson in Prezi is more than a lesson in presenting; it’s a lesson in modern web culture and transferable web-based skills.

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