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Prezi in the Classroom

We have noticed a growing awareness of the benefits of Prezi in education, both for deliverng lessons and lectures and as a means for students to present their course work. Prezi helps educators think more freely about how to convey information effectively and how to use multimedia to engage with students.

Here’s why:


The likes of ‘Dream School’ and now Jamie’s offshoot ‘Dream Teachers‘ have raised important questions about engaging kids with short attention spans. Prezi is by no means a cure for disruptive classrooms but, used well, it can be a valuable teaching tool. You can’t beat a bit of movement mixed with videos and images to make your lessons more interesting, stimulating and inspiring.


Can’t face another year with your students falling asleep on you?

We offer bespoke Prezi educational courses, and are currently offering a 20% discount for  school, colleges and universities! – please get in touch to discuss.

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