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Prezi Pro Group Licenses for your Business…




If you’ve been looking to buy multiple Prezi Pro licenses for your business here’s something you may not know…





Prezi are now offering group license deals. Which means that  one person at your organization can be designated as the Group-Admin for the account. Then if you have multiple licenses the group-admin can assign them to users within the company.

What’s really handy about this is if someone should leave or no longer wish to use Prezi, the group-admin can just reassign the license to a new user. So it’s a great way to manage your Prezi licenses within your business, and another cool feature that we like about Prezi!

And remember that if you attend one of our courses our trainers are more than happy to identify your license needs on the day and support you in purchasing your licenses direct from Prezi afterwards. Click here to get in touch.
Chris Connick / Prezi Trainer /

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