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bye bye PowerPoint

Type ‘presentation’ into Google and you’ll see Prezi pop up around number three.

Gone are the days of boring linear presentations; presentations that fail to strike a chord with your customers, clients, colleagues or even yourself. PowerPoint has served its purpose as an easy-to-use package that became industry standard for years, but the boundaries of presentation rhetoric have now been pushed.

Prezi vs PowerPoint





And for good reason.

How we learn, communicate, comprehend and digest information has changed dramatically over the last few years. We have less time on our hands these days, not more, and attention spans are short. As a presenter, it’s essential to engage your audience and tell your ‘story’ effectively. CEOs, senior management, even sales and ‘ideas’ people need a slick, visually engaging tool to guide your audience seamlessly through your idea, message or narrative.

Yes, there are many presentation packages out there but none quiet as dynamic and customisable as Prezi. Prezi lets you say so much more about your work and share your ideas with ease. But how?

Whereas PowerPoint dictates your pathways in a strictly linear fashion, Prezi allows you to work on one giant canvas and direct your presentation as you would a film, with as many camera movements as you see fit. It can also be used for working collaboratively, mind-mapping or for designing diagrams.

But don’t take our word for it. Go and see numerous examples for yourself at And when you’re ready to use Prezi yourself, just drop us a line and book a training course. Your audience will thank you for it!

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