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Prezi Training in Madrid

I’ve just recently got back from delivering some bespoke Prezi training to a client in Madrid. The sixteen attendees were already very competent presenters and frequent users of PowerPoint, which meant we could really delve into what makes Prezi so different from traditional presentation tools. With some great input from the group on their past experiences with presenting, we could quickly identify where Prezi can really fill the gap.

We spent a great deal of time working on the concept of visual rhetoric, and how Prezi gives us so many more options to visually present various types of information effectively to an audience. And with some wonderful group presentations at the end of the session, I was really impressed and can’t wait to see more of their Prezis in future.

And after a hard day’s work, it’s not the worst city in the world to enjoy a cold beer, a nice meal and watch the sun go down!

  • Chris Connick / Prezi Trainer /

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